December 13, 2018


Photo by Nueva Chicago Press Departmen - Gonzalo Mimendez
He’s up to his 42nd birthday and he did not want to listen the word “retire”. He’s still waking up earlier, training hard to be part of the team (even though he’s not finishing an entire game), with the same intensity.
A couple of days ago, Christian Gomez waited sixteen years to play against his classic rival -All Boys- in his stadium, the one who sees the legend born. The will to play this kind of game is one of many topics to still hanging on, to keep playing, to still being part of the game. Maybe he’s not at his top, his form is not the same as a few years ago, but he’s still pulling out a few rabbits from the magician hat.
The clock almost stopped at the minute thirty-three when the referee blued his whistle to declare a penalty kick in favor of the home team, the “Number 10” grabbed the ball and scored the first goal of the match (the game was ended with a 2-0) but not less important. He’s almost at top of the hill and still delivering… That’s why the fans loves him so much and that’s why he will be remembered as one of the best that ever play this game in his country, even if he did not have a chance to show himself with the Argentina’s National Team or any of the most important teams in his country -he has a small chance with Independiente, with not too successful-.

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