December 13, 2018


Football is in pain; The entire world cries about what happened in Colombia. Chapecoense’s tragedy afects every person that belongs to this environment and not. Brazilian’s soccer team was travelling to Medellin to achieve its first international trophy, but God had another plan for them.
1973, May 10th. Associação Chapecoense de Futebol was born in Santa Catarina, Brazil. After a few years of competing in lower divisions, in 2009 reached out the fourth division. The next years would be of joy for Chapeo’s town when the home team gained the promotion to the first division in 2013.
This reward did not stop the continuos growing, and with a great performance during the latest tournaments, the received the award to play an international competition (Copa Sudamericana) in 2015. Unfortunately, River Plate knocked out from their dream. But life always has a rematch; in 2016 Chapecoense became a surprise for everyone and earned the rights to dispute the award.
With all the hopes and dreams, the entire crew (players, board members and journalists as well) took an airplane to face a final that would decide which team will get the trophy. But destiny had different plans; the plain crashed in Antioquia and left an aufull balance of 71 deceases and 6 sourviors (players Alan Ruschel, Jackson Follman and Helio Nieto; journalist Rafael Valmorbida Henzel; stewardess Ximena Suarez and airplain technician Erwin Tumiri).
Unfortunately, this day will be remembered by every “Verdao” fan. Chapecoense dreamed with its first award, and in its way, 71 stars will light out the entire sky for ever. It was a team that was living the most important moment from its life, and dreamed to continue making history. The world and mostly the people from football, will never forget those who are not with us any more and from no won, rest in peace…

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