December 13, 2018



By the third date of the South American Under-20 Championship, the Argentine team won their first match of the tournament by beating their Bolivian pair by 5 to 1.

Argentine goals were scored by Marcelo Torres (2), Brian Mansilla, Tomás Conechny and Lucas Rodríguez. Ramiro Vaca made the Bolivian goal.

For the first time in the championship, the players directed by Claudio Úbeda have been able to take advantage in the scoreboard.

At 22′, Marcelo Torres made the first goal by header after a center of Nahuel Mansilla. The second goal was made by Brian Mansilla, The Racing Club midfielder, score with an outside the penalty area shot, after an error of the Bolivian goalkeeper. Before the end of the first half, Torres appeared again taking a rebound of the goalkeeper to go to the dressing rooms with a 3 to 0 in the score.

In the second half, Argentina did not modify his style and Bolivia did not show a different face, consequently, the score increased during this stage of the match. With a left-footed shot from long distance, Tomás Conechny, the San Lorenzo forward, scored the fourth Argentine goal. As if that were not enough, Lucas Rodriguez, the Estudiantes de La Plata midfielder, replaced to Brian Mansilla and in the first ball he played in the Ecuatorian night, he put the 5-0 by header. Ramiro Vaca scored the goal of the Bolivian team with a good free kick for the definitive 5-1 in the scoreboard.

Argentina National Team played their best game since arriving to Ecuador and for the moment, is the unique leader of the group with 5 points (Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela have 3 points and Uruguay is last with 2 points).

On the fourth date, Claudio Úbeda’s team will be free and on Friday, at 21.15, will play their last game against Venezuela to define their final position in this phase of the championship.

Translated by Malena Dispaldro

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