December 13, 2018


For the Mar del Plata Gold Cup, Estudiantes de La Plata was beaten by Boca Juniors with a score of 2-0, with goals from Lucas Diarte, againts his own team, and Walter Bou in the first half at José Maria Minelli Stadium, the match was directed by Federico Beligoy.

In the first few minutes of the game Guillermo Barros Schelotto’s team came out to the pitch inspired in the game and waylaying his oponent but still it was missing a final touch because of the pressure from some of the away team players. The first seven minutes passed when Fernando Gago hit the ball from the middle of the field and was so close to score the first goal for The Xeneize but Mariano Andújar had to strech himself to transform the situation into a corner kick. Three minutes later, after a mistake made by Nazareno Solís, Estudiantes’ player, Ignacio Bailone kept the ball without anybody blocking him, even though the ball was excellently catched by Axel Werner. After that it looked like Juan Bautista Cejas was leading the game but the ball was deviated to the left pole of Boca’s target.

After the first fourteen minutes since the game started, it looked like Nelson Vivas’ team had complete regulation of the match, Ricardo Centurión had an amazing single situation but then with a rebound from Lucas Diarte who scored an own goal without letting Andújar time to react about Boca’s first goal. The match remained that way, with the exception of some dangerous situations for both teams. Until the twenty sixth minute when Solís pushed the ball into the area and Walter Bou jumped to score the second goal for his team in the left angle of the target. After that it was time for the half time pause.

In the second half, the match’s score didn’t change although The Xeneize had most of the clear situations with the ball, but Andújar was paying more attention and was able to catch it under the three poles. The newcomer, Elías Umeres was expelled after his second yellow card. Minutes passed and Boca earned its first friendly game of the year.


Translated by Malena Dispaldro

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