December 13, 2018


For the Gold Cup, a friendly tournament played in Mar del Plata, Boca and San Lorenzo made an amazing performance, matched with an excellent atmosphere, and tied two to two.

Fernando Gago open the scoreboard for the Xeneizes, which ended up with ten men because of Santiago Vergini’s sent off, meanwhile Nicolás Blandi y Bautista Merlini turn upside down the scoreboard in favor to the Ciclón. Even though Walter Bou scored a goal to equal the match.

The ones coached by Guillermo Barros had a great debut against Estudiantes de La Plata, which they beat two to zero, and if it was able to repeat another victory again in opposition to the Azulgrana, Boca would have won take home the cup.

For the other ones, coached by Diego Aguirre, this was its debut of 2017. The Uruguayan send to the pitch his best players, and had the difficult task to replace Emmanuel Mas and Martin Cauteruccio, who aren’t in his team anymore.
When the match started it was clear who was dominating the game, the blue and gold dressed team, but without generating any dangerous situations. Although, in the 8th minute Mauro Vigliano saw a fault to Néstor Ortigoza over Sebastian Peréz inside the area that didn’t really exist and he charged a polemic penalty for Boca. But Gago didn’t care, he tricked Sebastián Torrico and open scoreboard for Boca.

The team from Boedo couldn’t reach the whole possesion of the ball, even more when Fernando Belluschi had to leave the pitch fate injuring his ankle. In his place Merlini, a player with silimitires, came in. Despite this, Boca was was still with the entire regulation of the game and it look like it could scored again. The minutes went trough, the story changed and San Lorenzo got better mostly thanks to Ortigoza’s passes. At the thirty-sixth minute the well deserved equalty arrived. Ezequiel Cerutti hit a center and the goal was scored by Blandi beating Axel Werner.

Over the end of the first half, the “Ciclón” looked better than its opponent even though the half time pause arrived and the scoreboard was still a draw.

In the second time, Aguirre’s team scored inmidiently. After six minutes the game started again, Sebastián Blanco got back the ball in the middle of the pitch and passed it to Merlini who went all by himself to the target defended by Werner.

When it look like the move was geeting complicated, the “Wizard” took a second and then find the place to top off and score the goal that placed the “Ciclón” in advantadge. Pablo Pérez and Walter Bou jumped to the field given it other inprint to Boca, Just Bou with a good shot over the left post of Sebastián Torrico scored the last goal in the match. After this, both teams lowed their performance.

Close of the end of the game, the referee showed a red card to Vergini by a hard fault over Franco Mussis.

Next Friday, Estudiantes and San Lorenzo will close the tournament and depending of these score, Boca could win the cup.

Translated by Malena Dispaldro

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