December 13, 2018


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In the first and only super-derby of the year, played in Mar del Plata at José María Minella stadium and arbitrated by Néstor Pitana, River beat Boca by two to zero, with goals from Sebastián Dirussi and Arturo Mina, and won the Luis Nofal Cup.

In the first minutes, both teams fight for the possesion of the ball in the center of the pitch, with a lot of pauses beause of different faults for both of them and little by little River started leading the regulation of the game. However, in the 9th minute the Xeneize had the first clear situation of the match with a one-on-one move between Cristian Pavón and Augusto Batalla who reach to touch the ball and it ended up into a corner kick.

The match wasn’t a friendly game at all, and the teams kept making faults and reciving yellow cards everywhere. At the 25th minute the Millionaire player, Ignacio Fernandez, passed a center to Sebastián Driussi who kicked the ball but didn’t hit the target. Later, Camilo Mayada kicked a center and them Rodrigo Mora hit a header but Axel Werner turned it up into a corner kick.

In the 40th minute Guillermo Barros Schelotto was sent off after of a complain with the referee because of an undue kick to Pavón in the small area that didn’t really touch the Boca player. The half time pause arrived and both team were equal in the scoredboard with no goals. Before the second half started Marcelo Gallardo and Gustavo Barros Schelotto were sent off becouse they were both late in their possisions.

The second half time began similar to the first, with both teams looking forward to undo the current draw and with constantly faults. At the 15th minute Juan Manuel Insaulrralde touched the ball with his hands in the area, Pitana saw a penalty kick and Driussi scored the first goal of the evening. Ten minutes later, after a great center, Arturo Mina scored the second goal by header without letting Werner any chance to do anything to avoid it. After a fault, the players from both teams strated fighting and ended up being sent off Driussi from River and Benedetto and Insaulrralde from Boca at the 35th minute.

River won the match by 2 to 0 and started the 2017 with a very big smile at Mar del Plata.

Translated by Malena Dispaldro

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